How to help with Kaohsiung’s explosion disaster 「81氣爆」

I have been deeply shocked and saddened by the gas explosions in Kaohsiung, a city so close to my heart. Here is a post by Taiwanvore explaining how everyone can make a difference simply by donating through 7-11 or Familymart. If you know of any other ways in which foreigners can volunteer their time or donate money to helping with this disaster, please comment below.


81_ProtectKaohsiung_Super720 For detailed views of the scenes of disaster, click on the picture. (photo courtesy of

Without going into a detailed coverage of the recent explosion disaster which physically and emotionally rocked the city of Kaohsiung, I thought I’d make a quick post in case some foreigners are wondering how to help out.

Ways to donate money to help with the Kaohsiung explosion disaster.

At the moment, financial donations are mainly sought for. This can be done by wiring money directly to the City of Kaohsiung, or more conveniently at any Family Mart or 7-11.

At those two convenient stores, get the attention of a sales clerk, tell him/her your desire to make a donation, in most cases he/she will gladly walk you through the process of filling out the donation form to get the donation receipt printed, you’ll hand in the money, and voilà! You’ll have done…

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