Mala Bay Water Park 麗寶樂園

Mala Bay Water Park is one of the most famous water parks in Taiwan. Located just outside of Taichung, Mala Bay is half of a bigger, aboriginal-themed amusement park called Lihpaoland. The other half of the park contains carnival rides while Mala Bay contains water attractions. Recently, I had the opportunity to celebrate my friend’s birthday here, and thoroughly enjoyed beating the heat of Taiwan’s summer on the various water slides and water play areas.

While Mala Bay is small by Western standards, it does have some exciting and worthwhile attractions. These include seven water slides, two water play areas, a wave pool, a lazy river, bumper boats, and beach volley ball.


A few of the more exciting attractions are the Magician Airship, Cowabunga, and an inflatable bridge. The Magician Airship is a u-shaped track on which you ride back and forth in a two-person inner tube. It is exhilaratingly fast and the first drop is terrifying if you ask me. On Cowabunga, you can try your hand at artificial wake boarding. It’s definitely more difficult than it looks (I absolutely couldn’t get the hang of it). Finally, the inflatable bridge is reminiscent of the old MXC game show. Competitors attempt to cross the long bridge without tripping and falling into the pool below. The whole spectacle is rather comical.


Mala Bay is a great day of water fun during the extreme summer temperatures, but of course, it comes at a price. An adult ticket costs $650NT while a child’s ticket costs $490NT. Entering the park after 2PM will save you some money. A ticket at this time only costs $450NT. Another way to save money is to buy tickets in advance at a 7-11 ibon machine. Advance tickets save $100NT over at-the-door.

Getting to Mala Bay can be a bear. By public transportation, the most obvious route is to take the slow train to Fengyuan Station (豐原車站) in Taichung County. Then transfer to the local train to Houli Station (后里車站), the next stop north from Fengyuan. This will cost $15NT. From Houli Station, walk about 500 meters straight out from the front door. Across from the first 7-11 on the left is a bus station. Here, you can catch the 155 to Lihpaoland for $20NT. Alternatively, you can catch a taxi from Houli Station for $250NT.

If you have your own transportation, getting to Mala Bay is a bit easier. From National Highway 1, take exit number 30, Houli/Waipu onto Fullon Road. Turn right on Chia-Hou Road and follow it to the park. From National Highway 3, take the Waipu exit onto Chia-Hou Road. Follow this to Mala Bay Water Park.

Hours: 9AM-5:30PM (July/August Mon-Sun: 9AM-10PM, Sat: 9AM-5:30PM)
Address: Fullon Hotel, No. 8, Furong Road, Waipu Interchange, Houli District, Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: (04)2558-2459
GPS: 24.323741, 120.698731


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