Fried Quail Eggs


Another of my favorite night market snacks are pan fried quail eggs.  These eggs are fried along with a bit of oil in a custom made pan.  The pan has individual wells that are the perfect size for a quail egg.  I think quail eggs are so much tastier than chicken eggs.  I really wish I could have one of these pans at home!


At Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市), these small bird eggs are usually served on a stick with ten eggs to an order.  The eggs can be topped with your choice of dried seaweed, pepper, ketchup, or sweet soy sauce.  I prefer the pepper variety.  Each order will set you back about $30NT.  Two orders cost $50NT.

The stand pictured is usually found on the road cutting diagonally through Ruifeng, but it certainly isn’t the only place selling the tasty snack.  This variety of quail eggs can be found throughout Taiwan in night markets and road side stands.  Give them a try the next time you see someone frying them up!

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