Veggie Buffet


Name of Restaurant: Vegetarian Food Restaurant 上海素食百匯自助餐
Address: 108 Fumin Rd., Zuoying District, Kaohsiung 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
813 高雄市左營區富民路108號
Phone Number: +886-7-557-2766
Hours: 11AM – 2PM; 4:30PM – 8:30PM
MRT: R13 Aozihdi
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Days off: None
Vegetarian Options: Yes
English Service: Yes. There is one English-speaking member of the staff.
Average Cost Per Person: $50NT to $100NT
GPS Coordinates: 22.660591,120.305354

I definitely don’t need to tell most locals and expats about this place. Everyone I know who has been in Kaohsiung for a while, vegetarian or not, knows this spot and loves it. But, if you are new to town or just passing through, it might be worth noting that this is one of the best, cheap vegetarian restaurants in all of Kaohsiung. It is part of a larger chain of fancier vegetarian restaurants and is certainly a worthy lunch stop.

How It Works
This restaurant is not a typical sit down and order restaurant.  Instead, it is pay by weight.  When you enter, you will see plates of food set out, buffet style. First, grab a cardboard container. Next, grab a pair of tongs and put on your plate or in your box as much of each dish as you wish to eat. When you have everything you want, proceed to the cashier and put your container on the scale. The cashier will ask if you want rice. You can choose from white, brown, or purple rice for $10NT to $20NT.

After you pay, the cashier will give you a bowl for soup and a cup for tea or juice. The drinking fountains and soup are located around the corner from the cashier or in the air-conditioned second floor dining area.

What to Eat
It’s difficult to say what to eat at veggie buffet as the selection varies day to day and I usually base my meal choices on what looks the best.  It might be important to note that it is best to arrive around noon or 5PM when the food is freshly prepared.  While all the food is fresh and delicious, for consistencies sake, I will recommend some of my favorite consistently available dishes.

1. Sweet and Sour Eggs
This dish relieves my craving for the sweet and sour chicken I see everyone else eating.  Basically, it is scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and sweet and sour sauce.

2. Creamy Pasta
Pasta is so often poorly prepared in Taiwan that I have begun to avoid it altogether.  This creamy pasta is the exception.  It has a flavorful sauce, vegetables, and perfectly al dente pasta.

3. Stir-fried Bell Peppers
I love the simplicity of this dish.  Red, yellow, and green peppers stir-fried with a pepper seasoning.  It’s fresh, crunchy, and perfect.

By Scooter: From downtown, follow Bo Ai Road north until it intersects with Mingcheng Road. Turn right.  After two blocks, turn right again onto Fumin Road.  After one block, the restaurant will be on your left on the southeast corner of Weisin Street and Fumin Road.

By MRT: Take the red line to R13 Aozihdi.  Follow Bo Ai Road north for two blocks.  Turn right onto Mingcheng Road.  After two blocks, turn right again onto Fumin Road.  After one block, the restaurant will be on your left on the southeast corner of Weisin Street and Fumin Road.


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