Gyros Kitchen

Gyros Kitchen

Name of Restaurant: Gyros Kitchen (奇樂廚坊)
Address: 98 Da Yong Street, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City
Phone: 07-5210996
MRT: O2 Yanchengpu Exit 2
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-10PM, Sat-Sun: 10:30AM-10:30PM
Vegetarian Options: Yes
English Menu: Yes
English Service: Yes
Average Cost Per Person: $100NT to $300NT
GPS Coordinates: 22.624790, 120.284421

While Gyros Kitchen is neither especially delicious nor particularly authentic, it does fill a niche for those in Kaohsiung looking for hummus and falafel. Certainly no one else in town is serving Greek fare. In order to satisfy a craving, Gyros Kitchen is worth a stop for an afternoon meal.

Gyros Kitchen looks like an American chain restaurant. The walls are starkly white and there is a counter at which you can order and pay. The booths and tables are made from plywood. However, the place has quite a few redeeming qualities. It appears to be extremely clean. The open concept kitchen allows you to see that this continues into the food preparation as well. It also includes a quaint outdoor seating area with tables under umbrellas. This is especially nice for soaking up the historic atmosphere of Yancheng District. Finally, the back half of the restaurant appears to be an art gallery complete with a TV explaining the artists’ stories. All in all, Gyros Kitchen provides a pleasant dining experience.



What to Eat
Admittedly, I have only eaten at this restaurant once, but others have told the same story. The food is okay at best. The flavors are there, but the combinations of them seem to be a little off somehow. It’s just not great. However, I am hoping this relatively new restaurant will improve with time.

1. Falafel Gyro
The falafel gyro is a bargain. For $100NT, you get fries, hummus, and a large sandwich. The sandwich is served on pita bread and includes lettuce, tomato, two pieces of falafel, and another round of hummus. The soft and garlic-y bread is definitely the highlight of the wrap. The falafel itself tasted nice but was very soft. The sandwich, however, needed a different sauce or more hummus.

2. Chicken Gyro Platter
The chicken gyro platter is more of a compilation of small dishes. It includes gyro meat, pita, tahini sauce, French fries, and a salad. The individual sections of this dish complement each other well. The gyro meat, however, was a hint too spongy and the tahini sauce was very runny.

3. Pizza
While I have not personally sampled the pizza, I have heard that it is well made. Some of the combinations on the menu look quite interesting. One of which includes figs, red beans, and marshmallows.

Gyros Kitchen also serves a wide range of teas, juices, and beer. Set meals are available for an additional $100NT or $125NT and include a drink, soup (which is scrumptious!), and, in the more expensive set, dessert.



By Scooter: From Jhongshan Road, turn west on Jhong Jheng Road. Follow Jhong Jheng over the Love River and past the History Museum. Turn left on Da Yong Street. After two blocks, Gyros Kitchen will be on the left.

By MRT: Take the orange line to O2 Yanchengpu. Exit the station at Exit 2. Gyros Kitchen is next to the station exit on the right.


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