Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Restaurant: Fourplay Lounge Bar
Address: No. 67, Dongfeng Street, Daan District, Taipei
MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing or Daan
Phone Number: 02-2708-3898
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6PM-1AM, Fri-Sat: 6PM-2AM
English Menu: No
English Service: Yes
Average Cost Per Person: $250NT to $500NT
GPS Coordinates: 25.036049, 121.547646

When you live in Kaohsiung, Taipei is a faraway and exotic place. It’s the type of city you dream of going to, but don’t dare over indulge in. It has better food, better nightlife, and a more cosmopolitan feel than Kaohsiung. The less you go to Taipei, the more you want it, and the better it is when you get there. At least that was how I felt when I went to Taipei for my birthday last month.

While the entire trip was wonderful, one of our favorite finds was a bar named Fourplay. Fourplay is a unique concept bar established by four of the best and most playful bartenders in the biz. The best thing about the place? It has no menu. To order, you simply inform the bartender what type of flavor you would like your drink based around. They will create something unique to your taste buds with a flair unique to Fourplay.

For example, we ordered up these flavors and this is what we got:

Peanut Butter: whiskey, coffee, peanut butter smeared in the glass, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.


Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Betel Nut: betel nut, lime, and cucumber muddled and then shaken with absinthe and citrus vodka.

Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Marijuana Shots: Absinthe, melon liquor, dry ice served in a pipe.


Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Fourplay is not only a bar for drinks, but a show as well. Watching the bartenders create these drinks is absolutely fascinating. The precision and detail with which they work will have you mesmerized. For this reason, I suggest finding a seat at the bar so you have a front row seat. Of course, for a group there are also tables and booths.

While I don’t think the prices are unreasonable for what you get by any means, the drinks are more expensive at Fourplay than at most bars in Kaohsiung. Shots are $200NT and up. Cocktails are $300NT and up.

Reservations are suggested on Friday and Saturday nights.

Personally, I cannot wait to return to Fourplay to sample some more of their fun and delicious cocktails.

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