Beer and Cheese Social House

Beer and Cheese Social House

Name of Restaurant: Beer and Cheese Social House
Address: No. 169, Section 2, Jiànguó South Rd, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Phone: 0916 549 373
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6PM-1AM, Fri-Sat: 6PM-3AM, Sun: 5PM-11PM
Vegetarian Options: Yes
English Menu: Yes
English Service: Yes
Average Cost Per Person: $250NT to $500NT
GPS Coordinates: 25.028402, 121.537901

With a national beer that is by no means satisfying or particularly enjoyable, the prospect of drinking beer in Taiwan is often one of resignation to a tasteless night.  In addition to Taiwan Beer, most bars serve only Carlsberg and Budweiser among other common beer brands.  Finding anything unique and flavorful was frankly impossible up until late last year.  But, times are changing, and one of the catalysts to this change is Taipei’s Beer and Cheese Social House.

Beer and Cheese Social House is the type of place in which you feel at home immediately.  The décor is simple but the dark and modern furnishings bring a laid back feel to the place.  It’s definitely the type of bar to bring a group of friends for a night of conversation and laughter.

What to Drink
Beer and Cheese Social House offers a selection of craft beers that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.  These brews are available in both bottles and on tap with prices starting from $200NT per bottle and $220NT per pint of draught.  The selection varies based on availability and customer demand, but the knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect beer for your palate.

In addition to a la carte brewskis, Beer and Cheese Social House brings the cheese into the picture by offering a flight of three beers paired with three different types of cheese.  This is definitely recommended (and is something I hope will catch on in the West very soon!)  The flight costs $300NT and is worth every penny.

Finally, if you can’t handle another sip of beer after sampling the entire menu or you are one of those people who doesn’t the hoppy stuff, Beer and Cheese Social House also offers alcoholic slushies at a bargain price.

What to Eat
While the first half of the name is beer, the second half is cheese.  Beer and Cheese Social House has a food menu that will satisfy any cheese lover.  The chef hand crafts five different gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches starting from $250NT.  The menu also includes soft pretzels served with a tangy homemade cheese dipping sauce.

From the Daan Park MRT Station, walk east along Xinyi Road until you reach Jianguo Road.  Cross over to the east side of Jianguo Road and turn right.  Walk south for approximately three blocks.  Beer and Cheese Social House will be on your left.

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