Fengshan Sesame Buns


If you are searching for something to eat that is uniquely Taiwanese, cheap, and delicious, look no further than my new favorite pastry stand. In Fengshan, this shop is serving up tasty versions of Taiwanese sesame buns made in a very traditional way – in metal drums.


First, the dough is filled with either sweet or savory fillings, including taro, red bean, sugar, and pork and green onions. Then, it is topped with sesame seeds and stuck to the side of a large metal drum. A small fire in the bottom of the drum cooks the buns. The result is a delicate, flaky pastry.


Amazingly, they only cost $15 TWD each, or about $0.50 USD.


Apologies for the glare!

You can find these awesome buns at a road side stand on Benguan Rd. in Niaosong Disrict. Look for a red and white sign. In case you cannot read the Chinese, the bottom shelf of the display case is designated for the sweet versions (taro, sugar, and red bean), while the top shelf is for the savory (pork and green onion). The address is as follows.

Sesame Bread Shop
17 Benguan Rd.,
Niaosong District,
Kaohsiung City


March 12, 2014 · 6:45 am

2 responses to “Fengshan Sesame Buns

  1. Tom

    Raohe Night Market in Taipei has a pork bun very similar to these and are amazing too. Just look for the stand with the 20 person lineup at the entrance.

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