Kaohsiung Strawberry Farm

Kaohsiung Strawberry Farm

Strawberries happen to be my absolute favorite fruit. Give me a pint of strawberries and a jar of Nutella and I will be a very happy girl for the rest of the day. For the better good, although disastrous for my strawberry cravings, fruit is only available in Taiwan when in season. This means I only get to eat strawberries from December until April.

While strawberries are a relatively new crop to Taiwan (they only arrived in the late 50’s), the red, juicy berries have caught on quickly. Not only do most people here adore the fruit, they have also developed a love of the u-pick tradition that most Westerners fondly remember participating in during childhood.

Until recently, the majority of u-pick strawberry farms were in Miaoli County. The season in the northern Taiwanese county culminates with the Strawberry Festival held in Dahu where festival-goers can sample a wide array of strawberry products, including strawberry sausages and strawberry popcorn.

Fortunately, the u-pick trend has now spread to Kaohsiung. A farm in Niaosong District is allowing patrons to get their fill of strawberry picking fun. (You can find the farm’s information below.) The farm also offers strawberry wine, ice cream, juice, and occasionally even strawberry sausages.


If you plan to pick your own strawberries, there are a few things you should know. Be aware that self-selected strawberries may cost you more than going to the store to buy them. One full small shoe box costs approximately $500 TWD. Also, if you plan to go near the end of the season or on a week day, it is a good idea to call first in order to check whether there are any strawberries to pick. Finally, be sure to wear good shoes for getting muddy. The rows between plants are often wet.

To reach the farm, you need your own transportation or to hire a taxi. From Jiuru Rd. or Bengu N Rd., turn left onto Cheng Ching Lake Road. Stay on this road until it becomes Shennong Rd. after you have passed the lake. The farm will be on the right hand side three to five minutes past the lake.

Kaohsiung Strawberry Farm
Shennong Rd., Niaosong District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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March 11, 2014 · 9:18 am

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