Dry Goods Market

Dry Goods Market

One of my favorite places to shop in Kaohsiung has to be the dry goods market, or Sanfengchung Road. No, you can’t buy clothes, vegetables, or fruit there, but what you can buy is a variety of grains, dried fish, nuts, dried fruits, tea, and bulk candy. The tradition and atmosphere of the hundred shops on this pedestrian only road keeps me coming back.

Sometimes the dry goods market even sells items that can’t be found elsewhere. I’ve heard rumors that one of the many “shops” in the market sells quinoa but haven’t found it myself.

1-IMG_2488Logistically, the market is covered, making shopping convenient at any time of the year.  The market has two entrances, but the easier of these to find is on the northeast corner of Jhonghua 3rd Rd. and Jianguo 3rd Rd. Buses 5, 18, 28, 53, and 93 stop near the market, but it is easiest to have your own transportation in order to reach this destination.

Sanfengchung Road has been a popular shopping destination for over 100 years. It allows a glimpse into the ever changing Kaohsiung and is worth a visit for any tourist or local.

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November 30, 2013 · 5:31 am

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