Old Bamboo Street

Old Bamboo Street

At the end of Wufu 4th, near Gushan Rd. and the railroad tracks, exists what used to be known as Old Bamboo Street. I imagine that years ago this place was full of shops selling everything bamboo. Today, only a few shops remain on the north side of the road. The skills necessary to create beautiful bamboo items are no longer passed down from generation to generation as demand for the goods has dwindled. However, the few that remain offer an interesting glimpse into the past.


At these shops, you can still see the owners making bamboo goods by hand. As well as useful items such as bamboo steamers and buckets, you can buy traditional bamboo hats used in wedding ceremonies and raincoats that Taiwanese farmers used to wear. Today, these tend to be used as decoration and are rarer and more expensive. You can also custom order bamboo bath tubs for any size. (Just in case you ever felt the need to have a portable bamboo bath tub.)

For practicality, I recommend visiting the bamboo shops to purchase bamboo steamers. They make delicious and healthy food quickly. Additionally, on Old Bamboo Street, they only cost $100NT per piece and appear more durable than factory made items.

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June 17, 2013 · 8:05 am

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