Cijin Beach

Cijin Beach

Cijin Beach is the nicest “swimming” beach in Taiwan. It’s located on Cijin Island and faces the Taiwan Straight. It used to be a great place for learning how to surf, but in the past year, the government has built a break wall to help protect the beach from typhoons. While the surf has suffered, it’s now a lovely place to take a dip as the waves are never too high. Be careful not to go in too deep or you will receive a stern talking to by the “lifeguard” on duty.

To get to Cijin Beach, either drive, bicycle, or walk to Gushan Ferry Pier. It is located within walking distance from O1 Siziwan MRT Station. Then, take the ferry ride from Kaohsiung to Cijin Island. This ferry runs approximately every ten minutes and lasts merely five minutes. It costs $15NT per person or $50NT per scooter (including two passengers). From the ferry pier, the beach is another five minute walk down the main road. Just keep walking straight once you get off the ferry and you will see it soon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out Cijin while you are in Kaohsiung. You can bicycle around the island and visit the other interesting sights located around the island in just a few hours. Stay tuned for more interesting posts about dynamic Cijin Island.


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June 16, 2013 · 8:43 am

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