Mango Shaved Ice 芒果冰

Mango Shaved Ice 芒果冰

In my opinion, the one thing you absolutely must eat while in Taiwan is Mango Shaved Ice. It’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s creamy, and it’s fruity. It’s the perfect combination to cure your sweet tooth and cool you off on a hot Kaohsiung afternoon.


To start with, ice is shaved from a big block using the machine pictured above. Then, fresh pieces of mango and a bit of mango syrup is added. Finally, your choice of ice cream, pudding, or condensed milk is placed on top.

While you can find mango shaved ice in most locations around Taiwan, Kaohsiung’s most famous shaved ice spots have popped up in the perfect location. After you return from an afternoon on Cijin Island or before you watch the sunset from the British Consulate, you can simply walk around the corner from Gushan Ferry Pier to sample this delicious dessert. (I also hear you can find the biggest bowl of shaved ice in the whole world here in Kaohsiung!)


While there are many options for shaved ice in this area, I always enjoy eating at the shaved ice restaurant pictured above for one reason. It proudly displays an “English Service” sign which means they have an English menu and there is someone who can speak a sufficient amount of English to take my order. In addition to mango shaved ice (which is not available when mangoes are out of season), the restaurant tops ice with your choice of a variety of toppings, including different fruits, red beans, mung beans, yams, peanuts, chocolate sauce, and many more. They offer a variety of sizes from single servings to humongous bowls big enough for 10 people. A 2 person serving of mango shaved ice will set you back $120NT.

Don’t forget to sign the wall on your way out!

Ferry Sea Ice 海之冰
No. 76 Binhai 1st Rd.
Gushan District
Kaohsiung City
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Hours: Every Day 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Phone: +886 7 551 3773


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