By now, we are well aware that Taiwan is located in a seismically active area. I can’t count the number of times we’ve felt the minor shaking of an earthquake in our 16th floor apartment. Today was a little different.

I was washing the dishes when E called to me that something was happening. Soon, the doors were opening and closing, the pictures on the wall threatened to fall, and we were looking at each other wondering what we should do.

We later found out that a 6.5 magnitude earthquake had struck central Taiwan. The epicenter was located near Taichung and the location of the famous 921 earthquake that killed thousands. Today, only one mountain climber was killed while several people were injured.

[Joel CS. (2013, June 2). Magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the island of Taiwan 2013 02/06/2013 [Video file]. Retrieved from ]


June 2, 2013 · 11:45 am

2 responses to “Earthquake!!!

  1. Kathy

    Hope you are okey dokey 😃 please do not have any when I am there! But saying that its not something I have experienced on a holiday. So would have a good story to tell when I get back 😃 😞 xx

    • Everything is fine here in Kaohsiung. Just a bit scarier than usual. I think the odds are that we won’t have another big one while you are here…fingers crossed.

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