Monkey Mountain Night Hike

Monkey Mountain Night Hike

Photo courtesy of Elliot Pelling

Monkey Mountain is a great place to hike during the day. You can see a ton of macaques, great views of Kaohsiung, and a lot of Taiwanese people. It’s an even better place to hike during the night.

At night, the crowds disperse and the monkeys go to sleep. Out come the snakes, mouse deer, civets, and animal enthusiasts. Of course, this means E frequently hikes the mountain at night. He has found a variety of snakes, including bamboo vipers and kraits. Sometimes he sees upwards of 20 snakes a night.

Unlike E, I find hiking at night to be intimidating and scary. In a large group, the fear subsides and I actually begin to enjoy the different ambiance the mountain provides in the dark. If you are interested in snakes or other creepy crawlies and want to hike in Kaohsiung at night, you should give the mountain a try for yourself. If you need a hiking partner or more information, feel free to contact me though this blog.

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May 28, 2013 · 11:37 am

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