The Sunday Shopping

The Sunday Shopping

Sunday has become my day for grocery shopping here. I enjoy waking up and planning our meals for the week. However, instead of driving to the local supermarket, we head for any one of the numerous fresh markets.

The market is filled with varying characters selling a variety of tasty treats. There is the man with the truck of pineapples. His fruit is very sweet this week. Sometimes, E gazes longingly at the butcher’s stand. This week he proudly displays a juicy cow heart. The fish monger is here too. He has a bucket full of octopuses. People with carts of fruit advertise their wares in Chinese. Mangoes and lychees are currently in season. It’s a cacophony of sounds and sights.

Because it’s on the way to E’s favorite park, we find ourselves at the fresh market behind Kaohsiung National Stadium. (To find it, turn right off the 17 at the first 7-11 after passing the stadium.) Inevitably, I come home with more food than was on my list. It’s all too fresh, too inviting, and too cheap to resist. I can’t imagine returning to the supermarket.



May 20, 2013 · 1:31 pm

2 responses to “The Sunday Shopping

  1. Taïwanvore butler

    If you can afford it, there’s also a farmers/organic market at the Lotus Lake, which can be worth checking out. It doesn’t have that traditional market feel, and has a restrained produce selection, but you’re buying directly from the producers and it still has a nice athmosphere, more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of the traditional market.
    I’m also excited for mango season! 🙂

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