The Dreaded, The Disgusting….The Squatter

The Dreaded, The Disgusting....The Squatter

There are few worse things in life (in my opinion) than entering a bathroom to find no western toilets. The only option is the dreaded squat toilet. Unfortunately, this happens quite often in Taiwan.

While we have it better than many Asian countries where no toilet paper or flushing mechanisms are provided, I still hate it. For me, it’s uncomfortable and there always seem to be questionable substances surrounding the porcelain.

If you’re new to this, your best bet is to remove the clothing from the bottom half of your body. Squat as carefully as possible, and always carry toilet paper to the bathroom with you. Just remember, don’t throw the toilet paper in the toilet. Rather, throw it in the trash can provided. (Oh man does it stink!)


May 20, 2013 · 1:57 pm

5 responses to “The Dreaded, The Disgusting….The Squatter

  1. It’s funny, this is the one thing I hated about visiting my grandpa at his home in a mountain village outside of Taipei.

    • Diane

      I am glad that most places I went when I visited you they offered a couple western toilets. Only once while there did I have to use a squatter and that was in a porta potty.

    • I really dislike them, but they do get easier to use after a while. Did your grandpa only have a squat toilet in his house?

      • Yes, at that time there were only squat toilets in my grandpa’s house. These toilets were much more common in almost every home in that village. Things could have changed by now seeing as how I haven’t been to my grandpa’s house in 8 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still many places in the more rural areas of Taiwan and in the countryside where the use of these toilets is still common.

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