Central Park Fish Market

Central Park Fish Market

All too often we find ourselves wishing farewell to fellow ESL teachers. It seems that in with the new and out with the old is just a common occurrence in this world. Bidding farewell is where we found ourselves last Friday night. Usually, farewell parties as well as most other social get-togethers are held at Taiwanese fish market restaurants.

Most of these restaurants are filled with tiny black stools, round tables, Lazy Susans, and huge beer coolers. Food is served family style. It is Taiwanese cuisine at it’s best, including everything from crispy fried tofu to the freshest sashimi. The beer is portioned from large bottles into minuscule glasses. That way when someone “gambaes” you, you don’t have to drink so much. “Gambae” means that both people must drink the entirety of their glass.


This fish market is located at the exit of the Central Park MRT stop in Kaohsiung. Look for the neon $100NT sign. It is by no way the best fish market in Kaohsiung, but it is convenient and comfortable. Usually, you can find a decent fish market or “gambae” on any busy street in Taiwan. Dining at a fish market restaurant is a quintessential Taiwanese experience not to be missed.

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May 19, 2013 · 12:53 pm

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