KNS Language Institute (3)

KNS Language Institute (3)

I haven’t done so well these past four days at posting. In my own defense, we have been busy. Thursday is darts night for E, and this week I decided to tag along. On Friday, we went to see Star Trek after work. And, we just got back from two days in Alishan, a mountainous national park in central Taiwan. (More on that later.) So, here goes a marathon of posts.

The picture above is the school at which I teach English. It is called KNS 3 and located just off of Jiouru Rd. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. KNS 3 is one of six schools owned by the KNS Language Institute. I like teaching there. It is a lot of work compared to some other buxibans but my students are wonderful and my coworkers are nice.

In my opinion, the best part of working for KNS is the welcoming committee. KNS does a fantastic job of hiring teachers in Canada or America and making the necessary arrangements for their arrival in Taiwan. Leon, the hiring manager, will help you find an apartment and a scooter as well as assist in securing your Alien Residence Card.

I currently work at KNS 30 hours a week and teach 5 classes. The age of my students ranges from 6 to 14. I can’t believe that next week it will be a year since I started training. I’m sure I will be very sad to go when I have to say good-bye.


May 12, 2013 · 10:49 am

2 responses to “KNS Language Institute (3)

  1. Diane

    I can’t believe it has been almost a year already! You left home on May 17th. Miss you.

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