Anping, Tainan

Anping, Tainan

Over the weekend, we took a trip to the city of Tainan. I love Tainan for its old, windy streets and incense-filled temples. This time around, we visited the part of the city named Anping.

Anping is the historic center of Tainan. It contains many of the oldest structures in the city and was the center of the conflict between the Dutch and the indigenous tribes. Two areas of interest are the Tree House and the Anping Fort.

The Tree House is pictured above. It is simply an old house that has been grown over by Banyan Trees. Locals believe that these trees are of divine origins. One sign in the structure indicates that the tree used to cover most of the structure, but it has been cut back to allow for the construction of the walkway over the house. Entry to the Tree House is $50 NT per adult. Be prepared to battle Taiwanese tour groups if you go on the weekend or during the summer season.

The Anping Fort was built by the Dutch when they occupied the area. The building has a tall look out tower from which you can see the ocean. The fort also contains some information about Holland’s rule in the area. When we were there, some local girls were performing classical music using flutes, a piano, and a violin. Sitting and listening to the music was definitely the best part of our visit. Entry to Anping Fort is also $50 NT per adult.

I recommend taking a stroll around the Anping neighborhood while you are visiting. The attractions seem to be overrun by tour groups, but walking around the area offers a better view of the historical area. Seeing the quaint houses and interesting street market will leave you feeling more relaxed and educated.


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May 6, 2013 · 9:14 am

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