Chi Mei Museum of Tainan

Chi Mei Museum of Tainan

E and I had another adventure today. This morning, we set out on our scooter to find the Chi Mei Museum of Tainan, which is dedicated to Taiwanese history and Western art. We followed the directions to a T: Head north on the 1 out of Kaohsiung and turn right just before you hit the 86. It took us about an hour to get to that point as the museum is fairly close to Tainan.

We found the museum easily. It was built in the traditionally sterile Taiwanese style. However, as we pulled up, a nice security guard came out and explained in patient Chinese that this was the old museum. It was closed. We should go find the new museum.

We followed his directions and were surprised when we came upon this grandiose building in the middle of Tainan’s Metropolitan Park. It is a European-style building that city officials hope that it will soon become a landmark of Tainan.

A nice Taiwanese man explained to us that this museum will be opened in February 2014. The building itself was recently donated from the Chi Mei Foundation to the City of Tainan. At this point, city officials plan on making the museum free for all visitors.

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May 5, 2013 · 8:36 am

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