Meet the Turtles

Meet the Turtles

We can’t have furry animals for three reasons. 1. E is allergic. 2. Our landlord would prefer we didn’t have them. 3. It’s probably a pretty awful idea for two people who are always on the road to have a totally dependent four-legged animal.

So…We have turtles! These little guys are Xiao, Master Wu Gui, and The Hulk. Unfortunately, The Hulk has gone to turtle heaven since E took this photo. (He’s the one being sat on.) Xiao is the smallest turtle on the far right. Xiao means small in Chinese. He won’t get much bigger than he is now. Master Wu Gui is on the left. In English, his name is Master Turtle. I think Master Wu Gui is getting bigger as I write.

Turtles are an inexpensive pet to keep here in Taiwan. Most turtles cost less than $5, although you can buy more expensive ones as well. They are also quite useful. A Taiwanese friend recently informed me that turtles are skilled at finding the best “feng shui” in a home. If left to wander, they will walk right to your “lucky” corner!


May 4, 2013 · 12:37 pm

5 responses to “Meet the Turtles

  1. Pawesome! I have turtles too! I LOVE them!

  2. Diane

    So sad to hear about the passing of Hulk. 😦

  3. Leo

    Hulk RIP 😦

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